#ShakeRace Bibliography

Created by Professor Kim F. Hall, Professor Peter Erickson, and Hannah Ehrenberg in 2015 for the Shakespeare Association of America seminar “Early Modern Race / Ethnic / Diaspora Studies,” this is the only comprehensive (almost), annotated, crowd-sourced, and “living” bibliography of early modern race and premodern critical race studies. It’s been widely circulated online, and I’ve received permission from Professor Hall to link it here for easier access.

This bibliography offers a genealogy of the scholarly work in premodern (critical) race studies. It exhibits the long history of this scholarship and shows the new directions for critical inquiry that have emerged in recent years. The bibliography is rich in resources that can help scholars new and old to the field and also be of use in courses from undergraduate to graduate levels. While the bibliography is meant to be inclusive of all of the race work in early modern studies, it also highlights the scholarship of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color) scholars. Here’s the link to the bibliography if you want to access the original Google doc. If you decide to contribute to it, please follow the rules established by its creators, which you can find at the top of the document.

#ShakeRace may have been created by Kim F. Hall in 2015 to signal how race studies could “shake up” Shakespeare studies, and how Shakespeare or the premodern could offer something new to race studies, but it has since become a viral online movement, giving scholars of color a space to connect and share their work and their experiences in academia. It is a community of majority scholars of color created by scholars of color. This bibliography reflects the care and labor that has sustained and nourished the #ShakeRace community.

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